(PAS) Preferred Aircraft Services

PAS Flight Training

PAS Flight Training offers specialized initial Pilot & recurrent flight training certification in Beechcraft Turbine Bonanza BE-36T, Turbine Duke BE-60T, Kingair 90, Kingair 200, Piper Jetprop DLX, Piper Meridian, TBM 7, 8,9, Pilatus PC12, Cessna Conquest I and II, Rockwell Turbo Commander Cirrus SR-20, 22

One on one type specific aircraft training and mentoring.

Experienced Flight Instructors


Kenneth  Petschow

Director of Flight Training

Pilot – Certified Flight Instructor


Joerg Geschke

Certified Flight Instructor / Advanced Ground Instructor

Pilot – Certified Flight Instructor


Robert L Posey

Pilot – Certified Flight Instructor

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